The repertoire of Cristina Rico for stand-alone guitar includes among others mediaeval music, Spanish classic, Bossa Nova, Boleros, international standards and her own compositions.

er arrangements for guitar create a fusion of classic polyphone technique with the respective music style.
This is especially to be noticed in the Brazilian Bossa Nova, in which she has developed her own style of playing.

Even though playing Mediterranean joyful music she often plays with eyes closed. About her self she says: “… I play more with the feeling than with fingers.”

Quote “Rothenburg Stadt und Land”, December 5, 2001:

„Cristina Rico impresses not only with her fine finger technique of high class, but also with her authenticity, which lets the pieces breathe and gives a voice to the guitar. In the play of Cristina Rico soul awakes – no matter whether she elicits her guitar a capricious Arabian of Francisco Tarrega or “just” an “Estudio” of Fernando Sor or one of her own compositions, who stand equal to other masterpieces of guitar play.”


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